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Our mission at Studer Education is to help education leaders create great places for students to learn, teachers to teach, employees to work, and parents to send their children for a high quality education. Our partners achieve measurable results in student achievement, employee engagement and morale, support services, financial efficiencies, and overall productivity.

Studer Education is a division of Studer Group. Our company is a leading service provider focused on improving education and healthcare outcomes in organizations throughout the world. Studer Group coaches have partnered with more than 1,000 organizations to help them achieve exceptional results while sustaining and accelerating success over time. Our work centers around a framework called Evidence-Based LeadershipSM (EBL). At Studer Group, we use this framework to help leaders align organizational goals, behaviors, and processes to build skills, get results and change culture.

In particular, we

  • provide onsite and virtual coaching to maximize organizational, leader and human performance,
  • offer training through institutes, speaking, books and online learning,
  • deploy software tools  and expertise to support strategic planning and execution, and
  • transform culture by hardwiring evidence-based practices.

Our Team

  • Dr. Janet Pilcher Managing Director & Executive Leader

    Janet is the creator of Studer Education. She leads a team that works with district and school leaders in applying the Evidence-Based LeadershipSM Framework to create a culture of excellence and accountability in K-12 and higher education institutions.

  • Dr. Robin Largue Senior Director

    Robin is the coach leader and has served as a school leader and senior leader in a school district in supervision of secondary campuses.

  • Dr. Melissa Matarazzo Senior Director

    Melissa is a coach and has served as a school leader and senior district leader in assessment and accountability.

  • Dr. Julie Kunselman Leader of Research and Development

    Julie has published more than 25 articles in areas of leadership and administration, public policy, and student engagement and pedagogy, as well as coauthored three textbooks.

  • Dr. Karen Owen Leader Coach

    KK is a coach and has served as a school leader and a district senior leader with responsibility for implementing an objective teacher and leader evaluation system.

  • Nannette Johnston Leader Coach

    Nannette is a coach and has served as a district superintendent in Hardin County Schools, Kentucky and a trainer and mentor to new superintendents across the state.

  • Elizabeth “Liz” Menzer
    Elizabeth “Liz” Menzer Senior Director for Partner Development

    Liz works to develop markets and products that provide solutions for school leaders. Liz chairs the Alliance for Performance Excellence. She also serves on the board of directors for the Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

  • Ryan Hess
    Ryan Hess Partner Development Specialist

    Ryan supports the Studer Education coaching team through outreach to potential partners. Ryan previously served as a training specialist and program coordinator in the Escambia County School District, where he helped engaged students and faculty to improve achievement and implement technology systems.

  • Erica Callaway
    Erica Callaway Product and Performance Specialist

    Erica provides strategic guidance for administrative and operational functions to support the success of all district partners. Erica’s experience and long-standing commitment to education drive her work in creating systems that promote innovation and growth in an organization

Our Partners

  • We have been applying the Evidence-Based LeadershipSM Framework for several years and we've seen our student achievement, employee engagement and parent satisfaction results increase each year. The training in our Leadership Development Institutes makes the School District of Janesville a better place for staff to work and for parents to send their children.

    Karen Schulte
    Karen Schulte Superintendent, School District of Janesville
  • In the School District of Menomonee Falls, we are committed to getting better every day. Studer Education has been a key partner in our success. Our principals report that the Evidence-Based LeadershipSM framework and coaching have been among the best professional development they have ever received.

    Dr. Patricia Greco
    Dr. Patricia Greco Superintendent of Menomonee Falls, WI
  • The Evidence-Based LeadershipSM Model works. This model helps all leaders focus on transparent communication with staff, students and parents. Communication that cascades throughout the district makes a more cohesive organization that creates a great place for staff to work, students to learn and parents to send their children for an education.

    Tim Wyrosdick
    Tim Wyrosdick Superintendent, Santa Rosa County School District, FL
  • Maximize Performance is a must-read for boards, superintendents, district leaders, and school leaders. The book describes the process our school district uses to transform our culture as we face constant changes in our profession. It contains a wealth of information that helps leaders think about how to face the challenges in front of us to achieve excellence. The process described promotes an open and transparent communication approach in which leaders are called to reflect on their own leadership skills and practices to be the best they can be.

    Tim Wyrosdick
    Tim Wyrosdick Superintendent, Santa Rosa County School District, FL
  • I've been in the profession for almost three decades. The application of the leadership principles described in this book has changed the impact of my work. Our school district performance is at an all-time high. This work has given our school and district leaders specific tools that prepare them to build a culture of engagement and service. Maximize Performance focuses on creating an excellent school system. This work provides easy-to-understand tactics that academic and operational leaders can use to guide a systems-improvement process. Making the work stick matters. The Studer team has been with us along the way.

    Dr. Patricia Greco
    Dr. Patricia Greco Superintendent of Menomonee Falls, WI
  • As a result of our partnership with Studer Education, SCUC has made real progress in three, mission-critical areas:

    • We had made some progress with “balanced scorecard,” but still felt like it lacked something. Studer helped us translate our balanced scorecard into an annual action plan.  We have become much clearer about how strategic actions and leading indicators aligned to our strategic plan.
    • We have become much clearer about key work processes and, additionally, set forth a systematic measurement protocol seeking feedback on “how we are doing” on these processes. This work is tough, yet critical for our success.  Studer’s guidance in this work was crucial.
    • “Rounding” is now standard operating procedure in SCUC. Leaders at all levels of the organization understand the importance of building relationships with all levels of staff as well as “listening and learning” from our front line employees.

    Dr. Greg Gibson
    Dr. Greg Gibson Superintendent, Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District
  • As a result of our partnership with Studer Education, our district has a renewed focus on being not just a strong educational institution, but also an exceptional employer. In three short years, our gains in employee engagement far exceeds expectations. Being an employer of choice is critical in this climate of educator shortages; and, Studer Education has helped us to attract and retain the most talented educators in our region. 

    Dr. Heidi Taylor Eliopoulos
    Dr. Heidi Taylor Eliopoulos Superintendent, Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District
  • Studer Education's support of our school district is personalized and responsive to our needs. Our coaching partner has a deep understanding of us as an organization, of our goals, and of our strengths and needs in attaining those goals. Our work with Studer Education makes us stronger on every level. 

    Dr. Heidi Taylor-Eliopoulos
    Dr. Heidi Taylor-Eliopoulos Superintendent, Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District
  • The aspect I appreciate most about our partnership with Studer Education is their level of expertise about how to systematically improve an organization one step at a time.  This is a significant challenge for a district our size; however, they have helped me develop a strategic plan of attack that is both coherent and feasible.  They have been very supportive of my time frame and I appreciate the fact they (Nannette Johnston) understand what it’s like to sit in the Superintendent’s seat.  Their work is based upon factual research and their approach is much in line with my philosophical beliefs about how best to create excellence within an organization.  It starts with the culture and includes the identification, implementation, and monitoring of well-defined processes that ensure our goals and targets are met.

    Rob Clayton
    Rob Clayton Superintendent, Warren County Public Schools

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