“Always Behaviors”- Behavior 6: Selection and the First 90 Days

Behavior 6

Selection and the First Ninety Days:

Selecting the right teachers and staff is one of the most important decisions that school and department leaders make.

We recommend that leaders hardwire certain actions for the selection and onboarding process. First, we train leaders to apply a peer interviewing process, which includes a peer review team and an objective review process. Second, we train peer interview teams to apply both behavior-based and performance-based questions when interviewing candidates. Third, we train leaders to use 30- and 90-day meeting protocols with new employees. Why? Because organizations tend to lose employees in the first 90 days if they are not supported, coached, and heard. As leaders, we need to hire with this in mind.

The 30- and 90-day meeting, along with the leader rounding with staff, build a supportive workforce culture in which problems are proactively addressed and individuals are recognized for work that produces results.

Excerpt from: Maximize Performance

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