Making Problem Solvers: What do you think we should do?

One elementary school had a spike in student discipline referrals during its third 60-day planning cycle. Instead of jumping in to solve the issue, the principal asked the teacher leadership team, “What do you think we should do?” At first the teachers said they didn’t know. The principal followed up with, “Well, if you did […]

The Three Levels of Performance

In any organization, employees can be categorized into three areas: High Performers Medium/Solid Performers  Low/Subpar Performers Typically an organization has about 8 percent low/subpar performers, 58 percent middle/solid performers, and 34 percent high performers. Excerpt from: Maximize Performance  

Recognize What Matters: Build a Culture Around Service

Build a Culture Around Service: Connect services to organizational values Ensures that thoughtful processes and procedures become the norm Ensures high-quality, caring environments for employees, students, and parents Invests in building relationships with employees and stakeholders Excerpt from: Maximize Performance Feature image by: Daytona Daily News

Showing GRATITUDE Means Rewarding & Recognizing Success

Showing GRATITUDE using Principle 9: Reward and Recognize Success  When we recognize and reward behavior, we’re not just being nice. We’re trying to ensure that the behavior get repeated- not just by the employee who performed the behavior, but also by those around that person who observe the reward and recognition. Recognizing people encourages others […]

3 Qualities We Can Thank Education Professionals For

Passion: The primary concern of education professionals and parents is that students be well educated, and businesses and communities demonstrate their share in that concern by supporting those efforts. All these groups are passionate about effective education. When we can pause in today’s busy world, we see passion everywhere. Passion, or relentlessness in the pursuit […]

Janet’s Story: It Just Makes Sense

After a leadership development session with one of our partners, I and one of my colleagues, Robin, received a note from an aspiring leader. The note said, “Thank you for your knowledge and expertise and the great session. I’ve learned more about being a leader in four hours than I did in two years of […]

Disrupt to Force Change

In order to create and maintain a culture that reinforces high performance, we must disrupt some parts of our educational systems and build up others to force change. In K-12 systems, for example, we’re being asked to consider student achievement as we evaluate teachers and leaders. In postsecondary institutions, funding depends on the number of […]

What has changed in education?

The biggest and most profound challenge we’ve had to deal with- and the one that’s requiring the greatest adjustments inside organizations- is the education sector’s move from episodic change to continuous change. Moving from episodic change to continuous change is like a sprinter becoming a marathon runner. This is why today’s external environment is so […]

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