Communication is key to rounding

Principle 8 of the Nine Principles, Communicate at All Levels, falls under leadership development. Communication is a big part of the skill set leaders need in order to achieve results. Why? Because communication connects the dots for people- it ties all other principles together. When leaders build their communication skills, employees are aware of the organization’s […]

The Power of Rounding With Teachers

A Principal Practices Rounding with Teachers Dr. Reggie Lipnick is a middle school principal in the Escambia County School District in Pensacola, Florida. In one of her first school leadership positions, she made rounding with teachers one of her top priorities. By doing so, she learned something from them. The sixth grade teachers told her […]

It’s All About Values

We at Studer Group came up with an exercise that helps us get to where we are going. It is not a performance conversation- well, it is, but more than that, it is a value conversation. We ask organizations, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how value-driven are you as an organization?” We generally […]

Questions to ask if your organization is struggling with high performance:

Accountability System: Is your leadership evaluation holding people accountable for outcomes? Leadership Skill Building: Is leadership skill building happening continuously? Sequencing: Is your sequencing right? Are you implementing the right steps in the right order? Managing Performance: Are you managing performance well? Communication: Are you communicating the why along with the what and the how behind what […]

Making Problem Solvers: What do you think we should do?

One elementary school had a spike in student discipline referrals during its third 60-day planning cycle. Instead of jumping in to solve the issue, the principal asked the teacher leadership team, “What do you think we should do?” At first the teachers said they didn’t know. The principal followed up with, “Well, if you did […]

The Three Levels of Performance

In any organization, employees can be categorized into three areas: High Performers Medium/Solid Performers  Low/Subpar Performers Typically an organization has about 8 percent low/subpar performers, 58 percent middle/solid performers, and 34 percent high performers. Excerpt from: Maximize Performance  

Recognize What Matters: Build a Culture Around Service

Build a Culture Around Service: Connect services to organizational values Ensures that thoughtful processes and procedures become the norm Ensures high-quality, caring environments for employees, students, and parents Invests in building relationships with employees and stakeholders Excerpt from: Maximize Performance Feature image by: Daytona Daily News

Showing GRATITUDE Means Rewarding & Recognizing Success

Showing GRATITUDE using Principle 9: Reward and Recognize Success  When we recognize and reward behavior, we’re not just being nice. We’re trying to ensure that the behavior get repeated- not just by the employee who performed the behavior, but also by those around that person who observe the reward and recognition. Recognizing people encourages others […]

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