Creating Alignment with Data at Mizzou

The progress being made by our partners in the Student Life Department at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) is energizing. We recently captured some thoughts from Student Life’s Business Manager, Chris Provorse, about the department’s experience with rolling out survey results and creating a scorecard. The department has been diligently working to improve alignment and ensure the leadership team has […]

Parent Satisfaction: Key to an Unrivaled Learning Community

Oconomowoc Area School District’s vision statement is to be an “unrivaled learning community.” Under the direction of Superintendent Dr. Roger Rindo, the school district focuses on parent satisfaction. Over the past three years, the district has improved overall parent satisfaction, as measured through parent satisfaction surveys. Dr. Rindo is driving to accelerate progress in this area.  He and his […]

Reflection: Effective Leaders Connect Back to Purpose

Connecting Back to Purpose: As you move from gathering data to reflection and using that data, the most important next step is to connect back to purpose. Teachers want to make a difference in the lives of students and their families. Here’s what we’ve learned: leaders make a difference in the lives of the people […]

Consider the Many Ways to Use Process Improvement

Creating & Applying Good Processes In our work with school districts, we’ve discovered that many systems want to create and apply good processes. Like many of us, K-12 leaders sometimes have difficulty coming up with the right processes and implementing them properly. School systems sometimes have trouble holding onto a process over time and applying […]

Building an Emotional Bank Account: Tip #7

Tip #7: Harvest Wins. In our profession we tend to view performance with a critical eye or we look for what can be improved rather than what is right. Sometimes we should purposely look for the “wins” by posting as many as possible and celebrating the “wins” with others. We’ve witnessed leaders being very creative […]

Building an Emotional Bank Account: Tip #6

Tip #6: Be an owner rather than a renter of work. We find that when leaders speak using We/They behaviors, they usually fail to own their work. We/They is when we make ourselves look better at the expense of others. As leaders, we tend to do this when we receive bad news and results, share […]

Amber Whetstine: Paving the Way for Educational Excellence

Executive Director of Learning Services, Amber Whetstine, is an advocate of rolling out survey results to Colorado’s District 49 leaders in Sand Creek Zone. This stand-out leader has provided us with some insight as to how she and her team have been successful in their collection and showcasing of data to bring positive change to […]

It Starts With Data: Celebrating the Best

We want to introduce two of our special partners to you—the University of West Georgia (UWG) and South Louisiana Community College (SLCC). We interviewed leaders from each of these higher education institutions to ask about their process for follow-up to their administration of the employee engagement survey. What do they do with results from the […]

Building an Emotional Bank Account: Tip #5

Tip #5: Ask what you can do to improve. As leaders, we do some things well and others not so well. Our perception is not always the perception of others. We build emotional bank accounts with employees by asking them what we can do to be a better leader. To do so we need to […]

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