Making a Difference Comes Full Circle

Do you ever stop and think to yourself, “Wow, if I hadn’t had that particular experience, I wouldn’t be in the place and position I am in today?” For Quisha Wesley, a TeacherReady® alumna, this was a familiar and frequent thought that came full circle last week at Studer Education’s℠ What’s Right is Education conference […]

Helping Employees Live Up to Their Highest Potential

Onboarding Effective onboarding practices are critical to an organization’s performance management. In an age of continuous change, it’s more critical than ever to ensure that employees are continuously onboarded in order to do what they need to be doing to meet the organization’s goals. In fact, this is one of the five areas that organizations need to […]

High-Performing Organizations Make Valuable Use of Employee Forums

Employee Forums (Communication) High-performing organizations make a real commitment to employee communication, not only at the department level, but also at the administrative level. Every organization should conduct employee forums or town hall meetings led by senior leaders. This allows employees to hear key messages, be informed on key issues, and focus on what they can do […]

When to Push & When to Hold Back

Leading Employees in a Positive Direction Knowing when to push people or the organization forward, and when to hold back while still getting forward movement, is an important part of the art and science of leadership. Being a leader (which includes leading students to achieve) is about being able to manage the gap between where […]

Connecting Hearts and Minds

We have worked in education for a long time. Each of us has found that people who are the most successful in aligning actions to achieve the desired results in a department, division, or organization have certain characteristics in common. These characteristics come together in one overarching skill: the ability to connect with both the […]

Continuous Onboarding through Continuous Improvement

People want to work in organizations that value their expertise and provide them with opportunities to grow. Long-term plans for keeping employees on board in our systems require a balance of continuous onboarding strategies and professional development opportunities. The School District of Menomonee Falls (SDMF), Wisconsin, has a strong commitment to continuous improvement. This commitment can […]

Make Onboarding Ongoing

When onboarding new employees, the best leaders create a system-wide vision aligned to organizational values, clearly set and communicate a direction for people to go, and align behaviors to priorities. It is vital to set the standard right away, but it is even more important to reinforce continuously and reflect on these standards and values. At […]

What Barriers are Getting in the Way of Your Execution?

What Gets in the Way of Execution? Execution is the must-have to achieving an organization’s desired goals. One of the most important responsibilities of a leader is to collectively work with professionals to create a best-place-to-work environment. We and our direct reports—and certainly anyone taking the time to read this blog—want to execute well. Leaders […]

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