Rounding with the Board: Actionable Feedback

CONTRIBUTED BY LIZ MENZER   @lizmenzer Why Should I Round With My Board? Rounding is a powerful leadership tactic focused on harvesting wins and eliciting actionable feedback. The idea of rounding comes to us from health care, as a long-standing, daily practice of doctors and nurses. Making the rounds is a way to build connections and […]

Progress Monitoring Improves Processes to Meet Goals

Strong leaders are highly familiar with data. Data helps us achieve our goals, become better drivers of change, and expands our understanding of processes that need refining. It is impressive how quickly people—particularly leaders—adapt to change they believe in. Given that, why might leaders resist change? First, they might not understand the why for the […]

Proactive Behavior Fosters Improvement

The most successful organizations have proactive leaders who focus on maximizing their own performance, which influences results throughout their team and the entire system. Proactive leadership means leaders consistently assess and refine processes using targeted tools and techniques that create the excellence needed to deliver high-quality results. Leader behaviors and actions show others how they […]

Determine Top Priorities to Achieve Results

Focus on Priorities Action planning is the process where leaders engage in collective conversations with their teams to gain insights on best-practice strategies. Most importantly, the process ensures individual team members have the specific action steps, tools, and resources needed to achieve the organization’s overall goals. Leaders must be able to first determine priorities in […]

Service Excellence—Even on a Snow Day

Those in service-oriented fields are driven by their core values, which keep them on target. It can be easy to get bogged down and forget how much of a difference we really do make. As leaders, we need to take the time to remind employees, faculty, and staff that what we do has purpose, is […]

Action Planning: Go Slow to Go Fast

Achieving results requires building a certain level of trust with those you lead. Trust is created when leaders consistently share the direction of the organization. Leaders cannot effectively do so without first collecting data to develop action plans. Why Action Planning? Action plans provide the structure for identifying priorities to improve, specific times for completion, […]

Promising Results: The Impact of Implementing Performance Conversations

Good performance management practices are key to the success of an organization. Performance management skills, particularly having effective performance conversations, are not easy to implement and carry out. However, the pain of not having them is worse than the pain of learning and working to efficiently implement them. Why Performance Conversations? Having professional performance conversations with […]

Performance Conversations: Ensuring employees reach their highest potential

Many organizations struggle with performance management. Differentiating staff is the first step for leaders to be able to properly have performance conversations with those they serve. Conducting effective performance conversations is a complex and critical skills for leaders. Likewise, it is one of the most important jobs for leaders to do. These are not simply performance conversations, but value […]

At UWG, reinforcing mission takes place around the table

At the University of West Georgia (UWG), ensuring every student graduates is the top priority. Thus, UWG leaders work diligently to remove any barriers, while adding as much value as they can to directly impact student retention rates. This fosters what they call a “graduation mentality.” Leaders at the university recognize that student retention and […]

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