What a School Board Wants for the Community

We are constantly striving to learn what we are doing well and what we could do better. As leaders, it is our job to ensure the voices of the community are heard and the necessary actions are taken to help school districts attain educational excellence. This all starts by having two-way communication between parents, teachers, school leaders, and the board. Effective two-way communication is possible through direct and indirect engagement. This could mean going out to speak with parents, issuing surveys, and/or conducting focus groups. All three of these forms of engagement allow the bond between members of the school district and board to strengthen, resulting in the overall goal of student success.

During a recent focus group session in one of our Texas partner school districts, the board reflected on what’s working well and what could be done better. As you consider the board’s statements about their work with the district, are any of these themes also important in your community? What themes might surface, if your board participated in the same reflection?

The Board Is Proud Of How We:

  • Encourage parental involvement
  • Are visible and active at district events
  • Invite the community to be involved in district programs
  • Maintain a focus on student success for decision-making

The Board Would Like All Stakeholders To:

  • Be ambassadors for great district programs
  • Support pathways for employee career growth
  • Promote student involvement in athletics and physical activity
  • Encourage opportunities for students to engage in the community

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