Try this tip: Build an emotional bank account.

Don’t we all dream of bigger bank accounts? One account we can and should grow is our emotional bank account – the trust we’ve earned through strong relationships with our employees and colleagues. In order to motivate others to persist in the difficult work of school and district improvement, we must practice our “soft” skills of building relationships, growing trust, and engaging the employees we lead. In a recent article for the SouthEast Education Network, my colleagues Dr. Pilcher and Dr. Largue explored 7 tips for raising the balance in your emotional bank account. They are:

  1. Connect with employees
  2. Model good behavior and practice.
  3. Be open, honest, and transparent.
  4. Show your gratitude.
  5. Ask what you can do to improve.
  6. Be an owner rather than a renter of work.
  7. Harvest wins.

This week, we worked hard on #7, harvesting wins. For the Charleston County School District (SC), we tweeted proudly about the selection of the South Carolina Secondary Assistant Principal of the Year:


In preparation for a visit to the School District of Menomonee Falls (WI), Dr. Largue requested a special song to celebrate the achievements of their school and district leaders. Here’s that team working together today.

Dr. Greco

What do you think of our celebration song choice? How do you harvest wins?

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