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Passion: The primary concern of education professionals and parents is that students be well educated, and businesses and communities demonstrate their share in that concern by supporting those efforts. All these groups are passionate about effective education. When we can pause in today’s busy world, we see passion everywhere. Passion, or relentlessness in the pursuit goals, is the same as ever, and it continues every day in education. As professionals and as members of giving and caring communities, we are blessed with an abundance of great people filled with passion.

Fortitude: Working in education has always come with challenges, but with all the change happening today, it’s become even more complex. It takes great fortitude and stamina to thrive in the midst of disruption. Change is difficult. It is hard for the people managing the change as well as for those on the receiving end.

Willingness to learn: Every day, education professionals help people and are responsible for students’ well-being. In the middle of all the intense emotions that come with their jobs, however, these leaders continue to learn. Whether it is mastering a new technology, learning a new strategy, or studying best practices, education professionals consistently show that a desire to learn is in their DNA.

Asti Kelley, Studer Education℠

Excerpt from: Maximize Performance
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