Prepare your teams to be effective.

While attending a company event, Janet Pilcher had the opportunity to sit down with Jim Roth, co-founder and CEO of Huron Consulting Group, to discuss how we prepare clients for their future. Jim’s leadership positions Huron to be highly committed to hiring talented people, building an engaged work environment, and serving clients with the highest level of service. Jim is a trusted advisor to many organizational CEOs around the world, and many of us at Huron.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can leaders prepare their teams for an ever-changing future?
  • What does Huron do to prepare its clients to own their own future?
  • Why is it important to expose yourself to a variety of people, cultures, and perspectives?

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Organizations perform at different levels, some are poor, others good, and very few are excellent. What makes an organization excellent? It's their relentless commitment to continuous improvement. Great organizations are willing to get their hands dirty and face the brutal facts to improve, even when things are going well.

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