As the excitement is building among students, parents, educators and support staff for the new school year, Richland One School District has much more to celebrate! Richland One schools are starting the school year off with a sense of pride as they reflect on 2018-2019:

  • Class of 2019 graduates earned more than $86.5 million in scholarships and other financial aid, setting a new district record
  • Sports teams and individual student-athletes won 14 state championships and they did so while maintaining a C average or above (Richland One is one of only a few South Carolina school districts with such a requirement)
  • New magnet programs were launched at four Richland One schools.
  • Their commercial driver’s license (CDL) program at Eau Claire High School marked its first year. The CDL program is the first high school CDL training program in the state and third in the nation
  • Extensive upgrades to athletics facilities across the district, including one new stadium and two renovated stadiums, with the two remaining projects scheduled for completion this school year

While these may just be a few of their many Points of Pride, Richland One Board of School Commissioners are extending their gratitude to superintendent Dr. Craig Witherspoon and his team for their hard work and commitment to ensuring that their 24,000 students have the knowledge, skills, resources and opportunities they need to excel.

What’s next for Richland One?

In July, the Board of School Commissioners approved the district’s budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Highlights of the 2019-2020 General Fund Budget include a salary increase of at least 4% for teachers; an increase in the starting salary for first-year teachers; a step increase for eligible certified and classified employees; and maintaining student-to-teacher ratios per classroom on average.

Additionally, Richland One continues to be a great steward of taxpayers’ dollars and keeps a high bond rating. For 31 consecutive years, Richland One has received international awards for excellence in financial accounting and reporting. These awards come as a result of clean audits for the same number of years.

jamie-devine-richland-oneAs we prepare to begin a new school year, we salute and thank our teachers, principals, secretaries, bus drivers, school nurses, cafeteria workers, volunteers and community partners, school resource officers and all other members of the Richland One team. By continuing to work together for the benefit of our students, there is no limit to what we can achieve. We Are Richland One Strong! – Jamie L. Devine, chairman, Richland One Board of School Commissioners





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