bcs-wenonahlifecenter3Birmingham City Schools (BCS) is taking a new approach to address issues that students might face outside of the classroom. BCS recently opened the Wenonah Life Center at Wenonah High School as a one-stop-shop for various services to assist students and their families.

The Wenonah Life Center will provide social service programs and aim to remove obstacles that students might face. Students and their families will be able to access a food pantry, get college and career help, and seek healthcare and counseling services.

“We cannot shy away from the importance of addressing mental health, period, point blank. Because none of us in this room are on our best day when our mind is not focused and when we are challenged to think and deal with other things. It is an intervention, that helps make us whole.”

– Birmingham City Schools Superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring


Watch the news story on WBRC Fox News 6


Birmingham City Schools’ Commitment to Service Excellence

It is a priority for leaders to focus on building a culture of service excellence by defining what service looks like for students, for their parents, and for employees. BCS leaders are no exception. Above all, their mission is to guide all students to achieve excellence in a safe, secure and nurturing environment. That is what they’re doing with the Wenonah Life Center.

Service excellence means serving colleagues, serving educational professionals, and serving others. BCS commits to creating a great place for students to learn and for teachers to teach. Additionally, parents can have confidence that their children are receiving a great education in a safe environment.

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