According to the Star-Telegram, parent satisfaction increased on Arlington Independent School District (AISD) survey. Comments about the survey results roll-out revealed the impact that feedback, assessment, and transparency had in the school district:

Parents give the Arlington Independent School District a “green light,” according to the results of a [Studer Education] survey recently released.

Parent satisfaction earned a 4.39 rating out of 5 on the 17-item survey with 7,169 parents responding. Parents were asked to rate statements like “My child’s learning is a high priority at this school,” “My family is treated with respect at this school,” and “The teachers, staff, and administration at this school demonstrate a genuine concern for my child.”

Arlington schools spokeswoman Leslie Johnston said that the administration has shared the results with campuses and that staffers are developing action plans for the upcoming year.

… Results were presented at Thursday night’s school board meeting, where the trustees approved a $508.4 million budget for next year.

Jamie Sullins, school board vice president, explained that the results are a “great diagnostic tool” and will be “used to set metrics for improvement.

Parents are not always accustomed to being asked if they are satisfied with their children’s educational experience. Therefore, school leaders and teachers must work to build trust with parents. It is evident from Arlington’s high parent satisfaction rating that district leaders, teachers, and staff care about and value their students. They make a difference in the lives of students and their parents.

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