Video-based expert classes

A continuously-evolving catalog of online classes focused on fundamental points of performance at the classroom, department and district levels.


  • Classroom Improvement Cycles
  • Department Improvement Cycles
  • Leading Confident and Engaged Employees
  • Supporting Confident and Engaged Families
  • Improvement Tools and Processes for Leaders
Leader shakes employees hand and recognizes her great work. Her team applauds.

Live Workshops

  • Learn from experts in real time
  • Build your network
  • Practice tactics with other members

Meet our Organizational Excellence Leader Coaches 

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Together, we will lead the way in school improvement.

We are committed to sustainably improving classroom performance through system-wide improvement practices, because we know that every district and school employee has an impact on student learning.

Learn the System-wide Approach

 PK12 Organizational Excellence

Striving for sustainable improvement throughout the system.

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Nine Principles®

Our foundational principles for high performance.


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Membership to the DHP Academy will open to schools and districts June 2021.

If you are interested in joining, please reach out to our team for membership pricing and to learn more as membership opportunities are available.

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