Erica Callaway - Studer Education Product Development


Performance and Learning Manager

Erica leads the design of individual and team learning experiences to improve leader practice and organizational outcomes. With expertise in leadership development and K-12 instructional delivery, she creates content to support online and traditional coaching for performance excellence.

Erica first realized her passion to create innovative learner experiences while teaching middle school history. With each new unit, her classroom was transformed and students were immersed in an environment where learning thrived. Her penchant for pushing the limits of educational design grew as she began working with district leadership to develop leader skills and drive continuous improvement.

In her third year of teaching, Erica achieved National Board Certification. After completing her graduate studies, she joined the Charleston County School District leadership team where she oversaw the performance management and continuous improvement strategy. Erica joined the Studer Education team, bringing and building her expertise in educational design, learner experience, leadership development, performance management, service excellence, and K-12 education. She is a doctoral candidate at Arizona State University, where she is studying the impact of a continuous improvement approach in education through the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Leadership and Innovation program.


Ed.D. Candidate, Leadership & Innovation | Arizona State University
M.Ed. Teaching, Learning, & Advocacy | College of Charleston
B.S. Elementary Education | College of Charleston


Studer Group Pillar Award (2019, 2018, 2017)

Charleston County School District Human Development Department Employee of the Year

Charleston County School District Teacher of the Year Runner-Up (2008)

Charleston County School District Teacher of the Year (2007)


Continuous Improvement, Leadership Development, Service Excellence, Learner Experience, Curriculum Design, Performance Improvement


Nine Principles for Organizational Excellence, PDSA


Performance Management Officer
Instructional Coordinator
School Teacher


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