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Join our exclusive book club and embark on a transformative journey into educational excellence. Discover practical strategies and insightful principles from Hardwiring Excellence in Education that will empower you to create a culture of excellence within your educational institution. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, gain new perspectives, and collaborate with like-minded educators dedicated to enhancing student outcomes. Together, let’s inspire change and make a lasting impact on the future of education.

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Introduction: Hardwiring Excellence in Education • June 12
Chapter 1: Commit to Excellence • June 26
Chapter 2: Measures That Matter • July 17
Chapter 3: Build a Culture Around Service • July 24
Chapter 4: Develop Leaders to Develop People • Aug. 7
Chapter 5: Focus on Employee Engagement • Aug. 21
Chapter 6: Be Accountable • Sept. 11
Chapter 7: Align Behaviors with Goals and Values • Sept. 25
Chapter 8: Communicate at All Levels • Oct. 9
Chapter 9: Reward and Recognize Success • Oct. 30
Summary and Reflection • Nov. 13

Excellent leaders know that they haven’t led well until their teams have performed well. They see that one of their top priorities is coaching people to be at their best. For people to be at their best, they need to work in an environment that supports their growth and development.


Our ability to execute through an improvement approach creates a path toward organizational excellence. Here’s the good news. When we hardwire an execution and improvement approach in our organizations, we improve regardless of difficulties and uncertainties that appear. Our workplace culture becomes a place where we focus on the right things throughout the entire organization to offer an excellent student experience.

-Dr. Janet Pilcher, Author

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