High-Performing Organizations Make Valuable Use of Employee Forums

Employee Forums (Communication)

employee forumsHigh-performing organizations make a real commitment to employee communication, not only at the department level, but also at the administrative level. Every organization should conduct employee forums or town hall meetings led by senior leaders. This allows employees to hear key messages, be informed on key issues, and focus on what they can do to improve.

We have found that when leaders invite open communication and feedback, they also apply effective strategies to reward and recognize employees. These strategies, being systematically put in place, work to ensure the organization is continuously onboarding and retaining employees, as well as recognizing those stand-out employees. High-performing leaders realize people are more engaged and willing to go the extra mile when leaders frequently communicate and express their appreciation—in person, in thank-you notes, or both.

Read about a stand-out leader whose employee forums are key to the success of his organization here: Are there any questions?

Asti Kelley, Studer Education℠

Excerpt from: Maximize Performance | Feature image: O.C. Tanner Blog

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