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As part of the Evidence-Based Leadership framework, we recommend that superintendents hold Leadership Development Institutes (LDIs) to develop all leaders and to engage teams of leaders to plan the curriculum.

The LDIs are planned by leadership teams that may include a curriculum team (during the event), linkage team (continuous learning from one event to the next), logistics team (event planning and setup), and social team (integrating relationship-building learning events into the day). The superintendent provides direction and begins each institute by presenting a current state address.

School districts tend to resist by claiming to be unable to put all their leaders in one room. We have found that high-performing leaders create a “win-win” situation to counteract this objection. They schedule teams of teacher leaders (who could be the next generation of principals) to provide fill-in leadership to schools so that principals and assistant principals can attend LDIs.


Asti Kelley, Studer Education℠

Excerpt from: Maximize Performance
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