Videos and a step-by-step breakdown of strategies that will help you with practical activities like communicating with teachers, supporting social and emotional needs related to learning and ways to help your child reach learning goals.

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Help! My Child is Distracted

We all struggle to focus at times, and children do too. If your child is reluctant to do schoolwork because they’re distracted, here are 3 tips to help them move forward successfully.

Help! My Child is Bored

If boredom is keeping your child from completing assignments, here are three tips you can put into action to help them overcome this feeling and make progress with their assignments.

Help! My Child is Overwhelmed

If you suspect your child is stuck in feeling overwhelmed, take action to help them break through this learning barrier.

Where to Get Technology Help

Know where to get answers to questions related to your child’s school technology and find out how to get answers most efficiently and effectively.

Get Rid of Learning Coach Guilt

For parents feeling guilty about not being available during the day, rely on structure and connection to confidently coach the learning.

Helping Kids Find Joy in Work

Helping your child see the value in their work and experience that sense of accomplishment can boost their self-confidence.

Fulfilling the Basic Needs of Learners

When we help fulfill our children’s basic needs they are able to fully focus on learning — their main job as a kid.

The Power of a Parent’s Attitude

It is important for parents to have positive attitudes about school and to share those attitudes with our children.

Help Your Child Set And Achieve Goals

Having the ability to set goals helps set your child up for success. Here’s how you can help your child set and achieve goals in four steps.

Celebrate Learning More Than Grades

Coach a love of learning by celebrating when your child learns new information more than when they make a specific grade.

Sort Cards To Help Your Child Self-Assess

An important part of learning is having an awareness around what we know and what we don’t know. Use Sort Cards with your child to help them identify where they stand in their schoolwork.

Letter Lover Game

There are so many simple ways that parents can encourage their child’s success in reading including this one simple game, Letter Lover.

Tips for a Learning Coach

A coach supports growth and success. A learning coach is intentional about celebrating a child’s learning progress and helping them improve.

Coach the Learning by Playing

Coach the learning by making sure your child has time for play throughout the week. Your child learns through play.

Use 3-2-1 to Help Your Child Reflect

Reflection is an important part of the learning process. Guide you child in reflective conversations using the 3-2-1 tool.

Teach Your Child Mindfulness

Mindfulness exercises will help your child get in better touch with their thoughts and feelings. It can helps kids build key skills like focus, self-control, curiosity, empathy and compassion.

How do I help my child through a schoolwork meltdown?

You are bound to experience a schoolwork meltdown at some point in your child’s school career. Find out how to move through them quickly.

Celebrate Your Child with a WOW Card

Create a structured at-home learning schedule that includes brain breaks and exploration of interests like art, sports, music and engineering.

How Do I Start a Conversation with the Teacher?

AIDET is a communication tool that can help take the stress out of starting a conversation with the teacher.

Use Key Words to Talk to the Teacher

When we communicate with teachers the words we use matter. Use key words to build positive relationships and help children succeed.

Create a Space for Learning at Home

Children learn best when a specific space in the home is dedicated to learning. Follow these tips for creating a learning space at home.

How Do I Help My Child Learn From Mistakes

Children learn from mistakes, yet making mistakes is an emotional experience. Coach your child to see it’s normal to make mistakes.

Build A Positive Connection with the Teacher

Build a positive parent teacher relationship to improve children’s grades, attendance, and attitude about learning.

How do I apologize to the teacher?

Create a structured at-home learning schedule that includes brain breaks and exploration of interests like art, sports, music and engineering.

Focus on the Positives with Your Child

How we give children feedback is important. Focus on highlighting the positives with your child to help them move forward with confidence.

Share Communication Preferences with the Teacher

Establish strong communication with your child’s teacher right off the bat by using a Parent Preference Card.

Consistently reinforce expectations

It is important to be consistent with expectations and promote those behaviors that matter most to you and your family.

Teach your child procedures

When you teach your child a procedure, you’re creating a pattern for them. You’re also providing a sense of security and building confidence.

How confident does my child feel about schoolwork?

When children are asked to reflect about their work, they grow more confident. They also learn how to improve.

Take 1 Minute to Find Out What Your Child Learned

Our children need time to process new information. As parents, we can make sure they get this time each week.

Connect with your child about learning

A connection conversation gives you information about your child’s learning experience and any barriers you can help them solve.

Create an At-home Learning Schedule

Create a structured at-home learning schedule that includes brain breaks and exploration of interests like art, sports, music and engineering.

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