Mrs. Ella L. Jordan founded the City of Pensacola’s Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, Inc. She was a devoted club worker, community leader, educator, political activist, and a dedicated woman who worked for the betterment of the Pensacola community.

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Mrs. Jordan dedicated her life to the Club’s works and community activities. Her home, originally built in the 1890’s, served as an important social and educational institution for the African-American community for several years; it also served as the Federation’s Club Home.


In addition to serving as a club house, the Ella Jordan Home was a hub for social and cultural gatherings, including significant assemblies. The Club and the Home provided a way for African-American women in segregated Pensacola to identify and meet the needs of their community. The Ella L. Jordan Home is historically significant because of the activities of the Pensacola Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs.

Now, closing in on its 125th birthday, this historical landmark is in need of restoration to continue the legacy and life-long commitment of Mrs. Ella Jordan, the Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, and to give hope to a new generation. The Mother Wit Institute, Inc., whose many members benefited from the cultural and educational programs offered by the Federation, is asking the Pensacola community to help support the revitalization of this historical community building.

What can you do to help?


Share your photos and stories on the Ella Jordan Home Facebook page!

Share this blog post and the Facebook page with your friends and family!

Once funds are raised, share your time to help renovate the Ella Jordan Home!


The Community Saving the “Ella L. Jordan Home” is working with the Pensacola community and the Mother Wit Institute, Inc., to raise funds for the restoration of the Pensacola Federation of Colored Women’s Club Home. Support the revitalization of this historic community building in downtown Pensacola so it may continue to serve the community as it once did.


Thank you for taking the time to read about Mrs. Ella Jordan and her commitment to the African-American community, including her founding of the City of Pensacola’s Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, Inc., in 1929. If you would like to help restore this historical landmark, please contact Dr. Janet Pilcher at 850-221-7811 or

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