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A podcast for parents who want their children to be successful in school and life.

As a parent, you’re busy and not always sure if you’re “doing it right.” That’s where we come in. We know you already have what it takes to coach your child’s learning. You just need a few tips, a few answers, and some good encouragement along the way. Host, Dr. Erica Karr is an experienced educator, leader and working parent.  Along with co-host, Mary Stackhouse, School House brings you advice from experts to increase your confidence and successfully support your child’s learning. In each episode, Erica and Mary also answer your most pressing questions.



EP03 Making Friends While Learning Remotely

Are you concerned about your child’s social connections? You’re not alone. With a new school year underway and a persistent pandemic, parents want to make sure their children aren’t missing out on the social aspect of learning. In this episode, we talk to two parent friends, Tera Ali and Annie Nihls, about their concerns and how they’re creating opportunities for their children to socialize.

EP02 The Emotional Side of Learning

Learning is an emotional experience. It’s hard to not know something, and especially hard when you know you don’t know. In this episode, hear what you can do to support your child’s emotions when they are learning. Find out how to help your child confidently move from the emotional place of not knowing to knowing.

EP01 Structure to Help Your Child Thrive

Did you know your child actually wants rules, routines and procedures? That’s right. Your child’s brain thrives on structure. In this episode, hear how creating routines and procedures allows your child to focus on learning new things. You’ll hear a few ways you can immediately add structure to support your child’s learning.

EP0 Parent As Learning Coach

The events of last spring and the pandemic exposed a role in the parenting gig most of us rarely considered – the parent as learning coach. Many parents have now been up close and personal with what goes into making sure their children are successful in school and they want to know if they are “doing it right.” In this episode, we introduce School House as the space where school and house meet. You’ll also hear why consistency is foundational to the learning process. Children thrive when [...]