Marina da SilvaContent and Creative Development Associate

M.S. Business Management and Marketing
Queen Mary University of London

M.A. Publishing
Kingston University

B.A. English Literature
University of Louisiana at Monroe

Marina da Silva joins our team in the role of Content and Creative Associate.

Marina was born in Brazil and spent much of her childhood there before transitioning to Monroe, Louisiana. As Marina does so well, she enjoyed her new home and new experiences soon becoming a Louisianan and graduating from Louisiana State University, Monroe. Marina completed two masters’ degree in London at Kingston University and Queen Mary University of London. Her graduate degrees are in Publishing and Business Management/Marketing. Also, while in London Marina worked a variety of jobs such as content development and revision, website development for pull in marketing, social media campaign design and refinement to enhance SEO and web traffic, and planning, developing video resources as ancillary materials for textbooks.

In her spare time, Marina enjoys the beach (getting back to surfing), learning new languages and being part of a rowing crew. She also volunteers in a number of projects focused on women’s and children’s issues.