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Transform Feedback into Action: Engage Stakeholders by “Rolling Out” Results

This toolkit will guide you through the rollout process after a survey is completed to make positive changes by sharing the results and effectively communicating action plans. The toolkit will help you train team leaders in the rollout process that our partners use, get valuable input from stakeholders and make improvement decisions based on the data.

This toolkit is divided into three sections, providing guidance about how to prepare for a rollout, what to do during a rollout meeting and how to ensure action and communication occur after the rollout meeting.

When the survey is complete and the data have been collected and analyzed, you can begin the rollout process. The steps of the process are:

Section 1: Prepare for the Rollout

Step 1: Train leaders on the rollout process
Step 2: Executive leader communicates the rollout process and timeline

Section 2: Host Rollout Meetings

Step 3: Leaders roll out results to all stakeholders
Step 4: Stakeholders evaluate rollout meeting

Section 3: Take Action and Communicate

Step 5: Leaders develop and communicate action plans
Step 6: Leaders celebrate wins and communicate progress

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Resources to Put Results Rollout into Practice:

Communication Template

Sample department manager letter—employee engagement rollout meeting

Evaluation Form Template

Survey discussion evaluation form—measuring the effectiveness of the results rollout session

Action Plan Template

Interactive short cycle action plan

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