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Take real, not fake risks. Many bosses, like many people, try to stand out in some superficial way; maybe through their clothes, their interests, or a public display of support for a popular initiative. They do stand out but they stand out for reasons of sizzle, not steak. Memorable bosses stand out because they are willing to take an unpopular stand, take an unpopular step, accept the discomfort of ignoring the status quo, and risk sailing uncharted waters. They take real risks not for the sake of risk but for the sake of the reward they believe possible. And by their example they inspire others to take risks in order to achieve what they believe is possible. In short, memorable bosses inspire others to achieve their dreams: by words, by actions, and most importantly, by example.


Source: 8 Inspiring Habits of Truly Remarkable Bosses, Jeff Haden, Inc.

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