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Try this Tip: Take risks. We take this leadership tip from William Vanderbloemen’s recent article in Fast Company.In the first few months of his papacy, Pope Francis took risks. He made unprecedented claims and unconventional decisions… Pope Francis didn’t revise Catholic doctrine, but his leadership style offered a refreshing new perspective to many who might have previously felt shut out. In the business world today, many leaders are blinded by the fear of failure. Big changes are hard to make—they take time, and often many people, to institute—but messages are easy to change. Still, risk is vital to your business’s growth and your own development as a leader. Risk can help you rise, even though it sometimes leads to failure. But it will always prove a worthy teacher.”

Pope 3

Excerpted from: William Vanderbloemen5 Leadership Lessons from Pope Francis, Fast Company. William Vanderbloemen is the coauthor of Next: Pastoral Succession That Works and president and CEO of Vanderbloemen Search Group, a startup that leads in executive search for churches, ministries, and faith-based organizations.

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