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Validation, as part of the Execution Flywheel, takes place when every leader consistently applies a well-defined and clearly communicated process. When leaders are always compliant, attention is focused on the quality of execution. We celebrate high performance and address any performance gaps that may interfere with people achieving at their highest potential. It is difficult to judge performance without monitoring compliance. Compliance relates to frequency, and frequency helps us improve performance.

Who validates whom? The validator is the person who performs an individual’s evaluation. School boards validate superintendents, superintendents validate senior teams, senior team members validate principals and department leaders, department leaders validate managers, and so on. This process keeps leaders from making excuses for low performance and blaming mishaps on system malfunctions rather than first looking in the mirror. Validation is about holding up the mirror to determine if we are always complying and executing with high quality.

Excerpt from: Maximize Performance

Photography by: Kate Ignatowski


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