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welcome objectivity

The willingness to change evaluation systems depends on the performance level of the individual leader. When we work with organizations to apply the EBL evaluation system, we often find that high-performing leaders actually celebrate the fact that they now have an evaluation system that is more objective and weighted.

They particularly like the objective part. Why? Because they know they have been performing at a high level, but too often their evaluation rating is about the same as coworkers who are not achieving comparable results. With an objective, weighted tool, finally they will be clearly recognized for their accomplishments.

It takes a courageous and value-oriented organization to install an objective evaluation system. Why? Because it shines a blinding spotlight on how well an organization is meeting its goals and living up to its mission. There is no way to sustain a culture of high performance without having an objective, weighted evaluation system in place.

Excerpt from: Maximize Performance

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