Use words to reduce anxiety and diffuse difficult situations.

Words help us get where we want to go. Our words can make others feel better, or worse. Our words can diffuse difficult situations, or escalate them. This is why effective communication is so vital in every workplace. In this episode, listen as Quint Studer and our host Dr. Janet Pilcher discuss what leaders should avoid when it comes to communicating, and examples of ways words can be used effectively in a variety of workplace situations.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can we converse with people in a way that draws them to lean forward and not pull back?
  • What should we avoid at all costs when it comes to what we say?
  • What simple statement can be a game-changer in improving your relationships with others?

Featured Episode Resources

Key Words at Key Times

Words matter in the effective communication of a message. Certain words or phrases convey specific messages. As we strive to communicate effectively, we think about the outcome we want from the communication. Thinking ahead is so important to helping you choose your words well, regardless of the communication tool used. We call this effort Key Words at Key Times.

Feedback that Inspires

Think about the last time you received constructive criticism. Did it actually prompt you to change your behavior? The way we provide feedback makes a difference in how people receive and act on the feedback. If our goal is to provide feedback to change behavior for the right reasons, we need to message our feedback in the right way.

Why the Words We Say Matter

Great communication plays a vital role in solving almost every problem in the workplace. How well leaders communicate has everything to do with how well employees engage in their work, how they take feedback, and whether or not they feel a sense of meaning and purpose. This type of communication is incredibly hard.

The Power of Perspective

At times we can all find ourselves trapped in a negative mindset or experiencing negative thoughts. We may even enjoy the attention and validation we get from others trying to help us. Have you ever considered the long-term consequences from this way of thinking?

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