Improvement Doesn’t Quit

It’s a continuous process. The Nine Principles® for Organizational Excellence build the foundation for our work in continuous improvement.

9P brings those long-tested practices and tools to an on-demand platform to help all organizations improve workplace culture, build better processes, engage employees and recruit and retain top talent. 

online skill development

The Impact of Online Skill Development

“As companies build the organization of the future, continuous learning is critical for business success. For today’s digital organizations, the new rules call for a learning and development organization that can deliver learning that is always on and always available over a range of mobile platforms.”


Leadership Development at Your Fingertips

Making Work Better from The Front Line to the Executive Office

“Ryan Carpenter, superintendent of Estacada School District in Oregon, says that authentic feedback from school stakeholders helps. Carpenter says 9P Online helped Estacada design a highly personalized service survey to help them reach service goals.”


…the half-life of a job skill is about five years…

Among Millennials, the “ability to learn and progress” is now the principal driver of a company’s employment brand.

To keep pace with change and avoid disruption, business leaders must become what we call infinite learners—those who not only enjoy learning but feel a constant need to acquire new skills.

How 9P Works

Getting Started


Try 9P ONE Free for 30 Days

Explore 9P One with a 30-day free trial and start working on the skills you need to build most. Cancel at any time.


Schedule a 9P TEAM Demo

Our 9P Team expert will give you a tour of the collaborative learning platform.



Complete your profile and set topic preferences to get recommended resources curated to match your needs.



Explore fresh and relevant practices and resources that put the tools in your hands to make work better every day.

Exploring the Platform


A personalized home page where you or your team can see the latest resources and create custom collections of tools.


Guides provide a structure learning approach by tying expert-curated resources together to cover topics like Organizational Culture, Leader Communication, Employee Retention, and Transparency.


Take a tailored approach to learning and build development plans for you and your team. Create collections to store resources for easy access whenever you need them. Use collections to group tools together by topic, goal, or skill.


With a 9P Team subscription, you will have the support of a 9P Coach. Your coach works with you to support your team’s development, identify areas for improvement, and further customize learning to the needs of your team.

Plans and Pricing

9P Online learning offers a plan that works for individual learning and for teams looking to develop together.

9P One

The individual subscription allows access to premium tools and resources, guided learning to build essential workplace skills, a personalized workspace for user collections and recommended learning, and more.

9P Team

The team subscription allows you to build learning preferences for your team, provides team progress reporting, and has a personalized workspace for your team as well as individual workspaces for all team members.

A Leadership Journey

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Meet Our Continuous Improvement Experts

Our team works with organizations across the nation to enhance performance and build a system-wide continuous improvement mindset.

The 9P online learning platform harnesses the combined experience of our coaches to bring you proven tools and tactics that have driven Studer Education partner results for over a decade.

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