Culture. Strategy. Improvement.

We work with educational organizations to implement improvement practices that impact the entire system from the district to the classroom.

Culture. Strategy. Improvement.

We work with educational organizations to implement improvement practices that impact the entire system from the district to the classroom.

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Lead an organization that achieves results,
helps people succeed,
and cultivates a culture of excellence.


Transform Communities by Transforming Schools

Can effective leadership create ripple effects that extend beyond school walls? Join Dr. Janet Pilcher as she connects with Lisa Nellessen Savage of the Pensacola News Journal to highlight the impact of CivicCon on the Pensacola community. Continue listening as she interviews Dr. Angela Bush of Jefferson County Schools, a recent CivicCon presenter, to hear how she spearheaded school improvement efforts that became a catalyst for community transformation.

Listen as Dr. Bush emphasizes how the Nine Principles® Framework has shaped her leadership and explains how the principles she hardwired at Erwin Middle School in Alabama can be replicated in any school.

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30/90-Day Conversation Guide

Increase School Staff Retention with These Two Critical Conversations

conversation with new employee

To enhance school staff retention, initiate crucial 30- and 90-day conversations with new hires, ensuring positive experiences and fostering engagement from day one. Implementing these practices, along with regular check-ins and supportive onboarding activities, cultivates a culture where employees feel valued and heard, ultimately bolstering retention and organizational success.

Take the first step towards fostering a supportive and thriving workplace culture by downloading the Studer Education 30/90-day conversation guide.

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Across the nation, K12 school districts and higher education institutions are teaming up with us to drive continuous improvement, boost student success, and shape the future of learning. Our commitment to guiding and supporting education leaders has sparked remarkable transformations. See firsthand how districts are thriving, with inspiring success stories, innovative strategies, and real results born from our collaborative efforts with passionate leaders.

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Our team is here to help you make a lasting impact on students, educators, and leaders alike. Start your journey of continuous improvement and see the difference we can make together. Let’s inspire excellence and shape the future of education.

Hardwiring Excellence in Education is Now Available

No matter your organizational role, this book equips you with the Nine Principles® Framework tools and tactics, empowering you to enhance all facets of your work and organization. Unleash your potential, create inspiring workplaces, and accelerate results as you embark on a journey to achieve excellence in education and make a lasting difference in the lives of others.

Paperback and Kindle versions are available on Amazon.

Dr. Janet Pilcher, author of "Hardwiring Excellence in Education," speaking at a Studer Education leadership conference.


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View and download our interactive toolkits developed by our experts to guide leaders with a framework for complex solutions.

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Learn and develop alongside leaders of top-performing organizations on the journey to continuous improvement.

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