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Let the Student Voice Be Your Guide

Student voice should always be included when making decisions that impact learning. Leaders often say the student voice is important, but sometimes it's treated as an afterthought.

Process Improvement Tool: Stoplight Report

The Stoplight Report is a way to communicate how ideas, concerns, and barriers are being resolved. Items added to the Stoplight Report might be collected during check-in conversations, team meetings, or a process audit. The Stoplight Report is shared to keep the team informed of priorities for [...]

Do You Want a Culture of Belonging? Start with Employees

As we kick off the school year and communicate expectations, what better time to offer about how each employee can contribute positively to every student’s daily experiences in schools? With a combination of leader modeling and communication of what’s expected, organizational culture can [...]

Plan for the Unexpected

Use scenario thinking to calm uncertainties and move quickly to action when the unexpected occurs. You can't predict the future, but you can plan for it.

Why Does Recognition Matter?

If employees don’t feel valued for their work they’re more likely to become disengaged. People may become unmotivated to put forth their best effort thinking, what’s the point? The good news is engaging employees isn't complicated. Most of the time, people just want appreciation for the effort.