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Leading Students Back to Learning

HOW CAN WE KEEP STUDENTS SAFE AND ON TRACK AS WE START A NEW ACADEMIC YEAR? The start of this school year has been unfamiliar to us all – students, teachers, parents, administration and every school employee. Some won’t be sure what to expect, others expect more uncertainty and change ahead. [...]

Culture: The Foundation to Withstand Disruption

I HONESTLY DON’T KNOW IF WE COULD HAVE DONE THIS AS WELL IF WE DIDN’T HAVE SOME FOUNDATIONAL PIECES FOR US TO GO BACK TO. – Dr. Natalie Harder, Community College Executive Leader | EP 67: Move Forward by Doing the Next Right Thing Throughout these challenging uncertain times, one thing [...]

To Increase Motivation Show More Apprecation

Recognize and Reward Success: Value and Appreciate People Working Together to Get Results.  We often hear leaders ask, “How can I keep people motivated?” The truth is, we can’t make people feel motivated, but we can create an environment that motivates and engages employees. People are [...]

The Right Communication Builds Trust

Communicate at all Levels: People know why what they do matters. It’s not just approaching it with intentionality but focused intentionality around this simple thing: what is the outcome of the message that I desire? What is the outcome? Why am I writing this message? What is it I want people [...]

Use Clear Expectations to Bring Teams Together

Align Behaviors with Goals and Values: Apply consistent practices to move the organization in a positive direction. As each principle works together to build a best place to work culture in organizations, alignment to goals and values is the grease necessary for all organizations who want to [...]

Empower People to do Whatever it Takes

Be Accountable: Commit to individual accountability to achieve organizational goals. When we align individual goals to organizational goals, we connect employees to the organization’s purpose through their daily work. People contribute and are accountable when they understand their work matters [...]

Are Your Employees Being Heard?

Focus on Employee Engagement: Attend to aspirations and desires in the workplace. What makes an organization a “best place to work”? The benefits? The facilities? The answer is communication. By analyzing employee engagement surveys, Inc. and Quantum Workplace identified the Best Workplaces in [...]

Build an Army of Improvers

Develop Leaders to Develop People: Coach people to be their best at work. Recently, Gallup reported that engagement levels in the US have reached the highest level they’ve ever been, revealing there are approximately 10 million more people engaged at work. Intrigued by the recent spark in [...]

Define Guiding Actions to Live By

Build a Culture Around Service: Connect services to organizational values. Organizations aren’t providing excellent service by accident. The organizations that provide the best service recognize why service excellence is their most important value. It isn’t enough to tell employees to “provide [...]

Effectively Use Data to Build Trust and Improve

Measure the Important Things: Continuously track progress to achieve results with an improvement mindset. How do we know if a change or decision is providing the intended result? How do we know when our systems and processes are improving outcomes or if we are just implementing initiative after [...]

What Does Success Look Like?

Commit to Excellence: Set high expectations to achieve results while living out mission and values Cultures are built by setting expectations, describing specific behaviors, consistent leadership practices and aligned systems and processes. Leaders and employees have to agree to commit to the [...]

Communicating What Matters to the School Board Ahead of Reentry

A very different school environment is right around the corner. As schools and organizations prepare for reentry, communication around the changes we’ll see in classrooms and on campuses will be key. To successfully implement changes needed to make schools safer, while also driving progress, [...]

Onboarding for Success in a Virtual Work Environment

You’ve got the right person for the job, now how do you set your new employee up to succeed while starting the new job remotely? This is a question many organizations are asking as social distancing measures remain in place across the country and could continue for months. A virtual onboarding [...]

5 Tips for Effective Virtual Job Interviews and Hiring

As school leaders prepare for the possibility of resuming classes virtually this fall, another process going virtual is hiring. In this climate of uncertainty, recruiting, interviewing and hiring candidates virtually will be the path forward for now for school districts. There are some things a [...]

Notice What’s Right

Where do you spend your time– focusing on what is right or focusing on what is wrong? When you reflect on your last meal at a restaurant or the hotel you last stayed in, what comes to mind first?