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The Key To Success: Continuous Leader Development

HOW ONE TEAM DEVELOPS LEADERS USING THE 9P DIGITAL LEARNING PLATFORM Changes over the past year have launched education into a season of transformation. The constant change we are facing in our industry calls for bold leadership. Oftentimes we see rapid change cause leaders to pause on leader [...]

The Improvement Maturity Model to Pursue Excellence

WHAT IS ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE? The American Society for Quality defines organizational excellence as “systematic efforts to establish a framework of standards and processes intended to engage all employees to deliver value in the products and services that fulfill customer [...]

Integrating Local Culture into Student Learning

In this roundtable, Dr. Gayle Juneau Butler was joined by Superintendent Larry Ouimette to share how the Lac du Flambeau Public School district authentically engages in partnership across cultures to create a safe and productive school environment for all. 

Does Local Culture Have a Purpose in Schools?

INTEGRATING LOCAL CULTURE TO INCREASE STUDENT LEARNING Are culture and context of learning really that important? Yes, absolutely! Yet in traditional academic settings, culture is often presented as a series of facts separate from students and their lived experiences. Hence, this disconnect is [...]

Strong Leaders Manage Change Effectively

5 WAYS TO BECOME A BETTER LEADER Those who work in education and those who are leaders in other industries have at least one thing in common. People are our greatest assets. It’s our responsibility to develop students, employees and the future leaders of our workforce. Education systems need [...]

Move Students Forward with a Focus on Strengths

USE AN ASSET-BASED APPROACH FOR POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT It’s our mission as educators to keep students engaged and accelerate learning. We strive to create the best learning environments for student success. We want to help low performers excel and progress. It’s time to pause and ask ourselves, [...]

Build an Army of Improvers to Achieve Student Success

In this roundtable, Dr. Janet Pilcher and Dr. Pat Greco highlight how specific organizational teams are using the Organizational Excellence and Improvement Maturity Model to align to what matters most, care for their people and keep their students learning in all conditions.

Building the Conditions for a Learning Culture

HOW CAN WE SUPPORT STUDENT AND ADULT LEARNING? When was the last time you tried something new? New experiences such as tasting foreign cuisine or starting a job force us to leave our comfort zones. We may not know what to expect and may even be curious or excited to try something new. In [...]

Five Questions to Create an Inclusive Environment

DIVERSITY. EQUITY. INCLUSION. Although these are independent, all-encompassing nouns, their interconnected success relies on the transformation of the words from nouns to verbs — from serving as thoughts to becoming actions. We want to create space for more and deeper inclusivity. This requires [...]

Using Key Words at Key Times

CREATE CLEAR MESSAGES THAT ENHANCE UNDERSTANDING When used incorrectly, communication can build a barrier between people in the workplace. Time is often wasted trying to clarify and reiterate information. Meanwhile, employees become frustrated and disengaged due to lack of understanding. People [...]

I believed there was no “I” in team – I was wrong

HOW CAN LEADERS BRING TEAMS TOGETHER? Over the course of our careers, whether in our foundational education or our first “real” jobs, we all remember hearing one particular quote – There’s no I in team. In fact, I said it many times myself as a young leader. Well, we were wrong. Teams, whether [...]

Plan Strategically to Make a Lasting Impact

THROUGH INTENTIONAL ALLOCATION OF FEDERAL RELIEF FUNDS As news of the latest COVID relief package from Congress trickles into the inboxes of superintendents across the country, it can be tempting to move quickly with these funds to shore up immediate needs and return our school systems to as [...]

The Future Looks…? Planning Amidst Uncertainty

As leaders, we must organize and prepare for the future, even when future conditions are unclear, unknown or uncertain. In this roundtable, Dr. Pat Greco shared how best to apply the tool of scenario planning to make forward progress when multiple possibilities are still ahead.

Remain Confident Despite an Uncertain Future

ANTICIPATE AND GUIDE YOUR TEAM THROUGH CHANGE Anticipating and leading change isn’t a new concept for most leaders. For decades now, John Kotter’s work has encouraged leaders to lead organizations through increasingly rapid changes. We know it’s our role as leaders to anticipate the future and [...]