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3 Qualities of High Performing Education Professionals

More than ever, educators face continuous pressure to reform established practices in order to improve outcomes. For many organizations, this means moving from an episodic to a continuous approach to improvement. This can be difficult for education professionals who have only ever [...]

Listening to Parents and Students via Pulse Surveys

In this roundtable, Leader Coach Nannette Johnston was joined by Kentucky Superintendent Deanna Ashby to discuss the power of seeing your system through the eyes of the closest to the work and the ripple effect that taking action can have on your school and district culture.

Leading People in Times of Stress

HOW CAN LEADERS BUILD RESILIENCE TO STRESS AND CHANGE? The events that unfolded in 2020 were unexpected by most. People experienced an array of disruptions including job loss, work or school relocation and additional responsibilities at home and at work. Many of us have suffered from a lack of [...]

Great Leaders Listen

Good leaders make it a priority to hear from their people. However, in most workplaces, people don’t feel heard. According to Gallup data, three out of ten employees in the US agree strongly that their opinions don’t matter at work. The reality is we all want to be heard. We want our voices to [...]

Vulnerability and Leadership

In this roundtable, Dr. Janet Pilcher shared tips for vulnerable leaders to create ways to let others in their heads and hearts, especially in difficult situations.

Do More Than Plan to Improve

WHY DO IMPROVEMENT PLANS FALL SHORT? Most leaders and organizations would agree it’s important to set goals at the beginning of the year and return to those goals at the end of the year to see if we hit the mark. Leaders often spend time building lengthy plans and collecting data. However, the [...]

Celebrate Your Heroes

Showing your team members you care about them as individuals and value their great work is a powerful way to boost morale and increase employee engagement. Create heroes of those employees going above and beyond in their service, and celebrate their great work as a team.

Educating Students for a Lifetime of Opportunity

A MULTI-YEAR IMPROVEMENT FOCUSED APPROACH Based on the average human lifespan, most students will spend 60 years beyond their K-12 education. Therefore, high school graduation is actually the starting line for students, not the finish line, explains Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District [...]

Connect to Purpose

In challenging times, connecting our teams to their core purpose will sustain and empower their continued effort. A combination of the head and the heart are critical to successful leadership, especially in unprecedented and challenging times. In this roundtable, Dr. Melissa Matarazzo shares [...]

Creating a Collaborative Network to Improve Performance

A NOVEL APPROACH TO FAMILIAR CHALLENGES: CREATING A COLLABORATIVE NETWORK Situated in rural California, Tulare County faced some challenges that are not too unfamiliar to many districts. In addition to experiencing a siloed effect due to decentralization, 83 percent of students were not meeting [...]

“Thank You” is Powerful

GRATITUDE IS A GAME CHANGER Think about the last time you received a thank you note. It probably felt good, right? When we are thanked it makes us feel appreciated and valued. It sparks a desire in us to want to help more. As the late Randy Pausch put it, “Gratitude is one of the […]

The Beginning of an Improvement Journey

USING A SINGLE PILLAR SCORECARD TO DRIVE SUCCESS Jefferson County School District in Alabama serves over 36,000 students and is the second largest school district in the state. Considering their large number of students, it’s no surprise Jefferson County focused on student success as their [...]

Using Purpose to Inspire Action

HOW CAN WE COMMUNICATE WITH PURPOSE TO INCREASE MOTIVATION? One of the many benefits of working in education and service organizations is the ability to see there is a deeper meaning, beyond profits, for our organization’s existence. It’s likely many of our employees draw a connection to the [...]