Belgium-Based TeacherReady Candidate Shares About Housing Ukranian Family

Each day we are faced with our own battles and wars that we must push through, whether that be in the workplace, at home, in our own minds, figuratively, or literally. As many people know there is a current battle being waged in Ukraine, and while we frequently hear about it on the news and by those around us, life still must go on. But how does it continue for some of the individuals who are very close and even part of the war itself? In this episode we hear as Max Bobbit talks about both his time as a TeacherReady student and how he is currently housing 3 refugees from Ukraine. Our podcast producer, Mary Stackhouse Consoli caught up with Max to hear his and his wife’s story on welcoming an Ukranian mother and her daughters into their home during this difficult time. Listen as he shares about the challenges and opportunities, as well as how he’s grown through this experience. Max recently raised $5000 to help the Ukrainian mother and her daughters get essentials and school supplies. While he is not requesting any additional funds, he has given us permission to share his PayPal handle, @maxrosser, where additional donations for the mother and daughters can be made in case any of our listeners feel led to give.

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