There is power in choice, pause, and being intentional.

Sabrina Hebeler, Michigan native, and Chief of Staff at Michigan State University–Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (MSU IPF) joins Janet Pilcher to discuss one of the key tenets of Sabrina’s role; to help everyone understand and follow the strategic direction of IPF. This comes from her passion for helping people feel successful, feel valued and love their job. Using specific tactics Sabrina supported the breaking down of silos on the executive team to help MSU do the most important things to achieve success.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How is an executive leadership team essential to building a good organization?
  • What are the core actions MSU IPF has taken to advance the executive leadership team and move the organization to excellence?
  • What is Sabrina’s most important advice for organizations focused on continuous improvement and performance excellence in organizations?

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