Virtual Coach Chats

Leader development that meets you where you are.

Coach chats are designed for quick, lively, and interactive learning opportunities where leaders can interact with a coach, learn practical content, and engage with other leaders in a virtual session. 

Upcoming Chats

September 11, 2018  | 3:30 pm (CST)

Leading Change

Leading for improvement requires change, and change can be intimidating. How do high-performing leaders facilitate healthy change that leads to improved outcomes?

November 13, 2018  | 3:30 pm (CST)

Leader Always Actions

Coach: Nannette Johnston

Leaders are expected to convey change and best practices the right way. Connecting purpose to action is ALWAYS the leader way.

January 8, 2019  | 3:30 pm (CST)

Connect to Purpose

Coach: Dr. Gayle Juneau-Butler

Ignite your ambition. Connect with your passion in order to find true purpose and excel in the workplace.

February 12, 2019  | 3:30 pm (CST)

The Right Communication Tool

Coach: Dr. Melissa Matarazzo

We get the best results from communication when we are clear and concise about the recipient. We will chat about what went right and what went wrong with their chosen communication methods.

March 26, 2019  | 3:30 pm (CST)

What About Email?

Coach: Ted Kirchharr

Email etiquette is an essential part of communicating professionally. Join us as we discuss simple protocols. You’ll never send a pointless email again.

April 17, 2019  | 3:30 pm (CST)

Talents to Strengths:
How to Use the Workforce Traits Information

Coaches: Dr. JoAnn SternkeDr. Melissa Matarazzo

Individual conversations designed to re-recruit the best individuals in your organization are essential to driving quality outcomes and engagement. During the conversation, this tool reminds you to tell them specific ways their contributions are valued.

May 14, 2019  | 3:30 pm (CST)

Conversations with Those Who Violate Values

Coaches: Dr. KK OwenNannette Johnston

Conversations with employees about lack of compliance require a specific leadership skill set. We’ll chat about how addressing issues of employee “will” and “skill” helps achieve organizational results.

June 11, 2019  | 3:30 pm (CST)

Strategy Sessions: Why, What, How?

Coach: Dr. Robin Largue

We have a set of goals. Now what? Clear focus is essential to achieving your organizational aims. We’ll chat about the why, what and how of successful strategy sessions.