Virtual Coach Chats

Leader development that meets you where you are.

Coach chats are designed for quick, lively, and interactive learning opportunities where leaders can interact with a coach, learn practical content, and engage with other leaders in a virtual session. 


September 17, 2019  | 3:30 pm (CST)

Nine Principles: Building a Foundation

Host: Dr. Kathy Oropallo

Your foundation paves the way to success. Studer Education was built on the Nine Principles for Organizational Excellence®. These principles are the guiding beliefs and standards of practice that support excellence within our organization. What is your foundation built upon? Join Dr. Kathy Oropallo to see how the Nine Principles can help you and your organization build a foundation to identify leader behaviors that maximize performance, support organizational excellence, and create a success-based culture.

October 8, 2019  | 3:30 pm (CST)

Why We All Need a Trusted Advisor

Host: Dr. Gayle Juneau-Butler

Being a trusted advisor means putting your advisee’s first, being truly invested in their organization and being a credible source for them to rely on. Join Dr. Gayle Juneau-Butler in a discussion on why we all need a trusted advisor and how a trusted advisor can help you and your organization navigate through challenging situations, strategically plan and recommend the right solutions for your organization.

November 12, 2019  | 3:30 pm (CST)

Living Our Values: Addressing Service and Performance

Host: Dr. KK Owen

Values define an organization. When organizations successfully live out their values, alignment of strategy, action, and mindset is obvious to internal and external stakeholders. How does your organization live out its values? During this free virtual chat, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Dr. KK Owen questions and interact with other education leaders to see how they’re living their values to address service and performance within their organization.