The evidence-based continuous systems improvement flywheel serves as the centerpiece of our work with leaders and school districts and shows the need to drive performance to reach excellence.

The hub of the performance-driven flywheel centers on “principles, pillar results, and passion.” When leaders of organizations help employees reconnect to their passion to do worthwhile work, employees are inspired to put in place the principles that turn the flywheel faster and faster until it gains momentum that is unstoppable. Consequently, school districts achieve results. The outer part of the flywheel begins with leaders using data to diagnose areas for improvement and setting measurable goals that move to defined actions to achieve the goals. Along the way leaders need coaching to help them achieve the organizational results. To ensure leaders consistently execute defined actions, validation of the practices need to occur every 45 to 90 days and results need to be assessed to determine progress made by leaders in schools and departments. In essence, the flywheel process describes how a district can move from a build-up process—the time in an organization where everyone is working to achieve specific goals—to breakthrough—the period when the goals have been achieved and the new goal becomes to sustain achievement and reach higher goals.


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