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  1. Discover how integrating the PDSA cycle in education systems cultivates continuous improvement, driving positive changes, heightened engagement among students and staff, and a focus on intentional problem-solving.
  2. See students engage in goal setting, data tracking, and personal growth, demonstrating the effectiveness of structured improvement.
  3. Learn how to drive improvement using the Plus/Delta feedback tool, offering a structured approach for capturing feedback, identifying areas for improvement, and taking collaborative action.
  4. Join us at What’s Right in Education this fall to learn from exemplary districts and education leaders showcasing creative solutions to common educational challenges. Save with early bird registration discounts.


Harnessing Continuous Improvement: PDSA from School Districts to Student-Owned Learning Cycles


“PDSA is a way to think, do, learn, pause, repeat, and learn more.” Sue Lee, Leader Coach


Incorporating PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) throughout the entire educational system supports a commitment to intentional problem-solving and continuous learning. The system-wide usage of regular and frequent PDSA cycles is the driving force behind positive change, enhanced student and staff engagement, and advancing a culture of learning.

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All Students Can Own Their Learning: PDSA in Action


Gina Sherman, a third-grade teacher in the Estacada School District, provides a tangible example of how PDSA is embraced in the classroom.


Gina’s students are not just learning about PDSA; they are living it. They set goals, track data, and witness their growth. Gina’s classroom is a testament to the power of intentional, structured improvement and engaging students in their own learning goals.

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Use the Plus/Delta Feedback Tool to Drive Improvement


Download the Plus/Delta action guide to involve your team in improvement decisions.


Plus/Delta is a simple improvement tool that is easy to incorporate into your processes. It provides a structured approach for teams to capture feedback, identify areas for improvement, and take action to make changes.

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October 22-24, 2024 • Westminster, Colorado

What’s Right in Education


Celebrate excellence at our 13th annual education leadership conference.


Join us at our premier education leadership event of the year, where we gather exemplary districts and education leaders nationwide to showcase creative solutions to common challenges in education.

By attending WRIE, you will:
• Discover innovative approaches revitalizing traditional practices.
• Explore groundbreaking solutions revolutionizing educational leadership.
• Gain valuable insights from school and district leaders at all phases of the improvement journey
• Access tools and solutions backed by documented system successes.
• Forge invaluable peer connections and leadership networks.

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