Excellence Weekly: Enhancing Organizational Continuity

By investing in succession planning and adopting effective employee retention practices like rounding, we can fortify our organization’s resilience and ensure a thriving future.


A Superintendent’s Guide to Succession Planning: Developing Leaders to Continue Your Success


Insightful strategies and actionable steps to cultivate leadership talent within your organization, ensuring a seamless transition when the need arises.


A succession plan is more than a list of job responsibilities. It captures the essential skills and key work that can only be defined by the person serving in the role. This eBook is divided into four sections, guiding succession planning to develop leaders to continue your success.

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Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Rounding for Employee Retainment


By implementing customized rounding practices in partner districts, significant improvements have been observed in building connections, providing feedback, and addressing employee needs—all crucial elements for maintaining a motivated and committed workforce.


Join Dr. Janet Pilcher as she interviews Dr. Deanna Ashby, Senior Director of Coaching at Studer Education, discussing the positive impacts of rounding in three partner districts in Kentucky: Graves County, Oldham County, and Meade County Schools. Learn how these districts customized rounding to connect, provide feedback, and address needs.

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 26 min


October 22-24, 2024 • Westminster, Colorado

What’s Right in Education


Experience the pinnacle of education leadership at our 13th annual WRIE conference.


At WRIE, immerse yourself in a world of groundbreaking strategies that are reshaping education leadership. Gain exclusive insights from leaders at every stage of the journey, access proven tools with documented successes, and build invaluable connections with peers who share your passion.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to connect with exemplary districts and education leaders nationwide. Secure your place now and unlock Early Bird registration discounts until July 31, 2024! Together, we’ll unravel inventive solutions to common educational hurdles.

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