Excellence Weekly: Inspiring School Improvement and Leadership Success

Start your week with an inspiring story of excellence in school improvement.


  1. Read how a struggling middle school’s strong leadership turned it into an example of success. Download From CSI to a Top 5 School: Erwin Middle, a Jefferson County Success Story, including the school improvement toolkit.
  2. Connect to purpose with the Accelerate Your Performance Podcast to hear how Dr. Angela Bush, previously the principal of Erwin Middle School, transformed the school culture by aligning behaviors with goals and values
  3. Watch Dr. Angela Bush speak at WRIE about her experience with improving student attendance and academic achievement.


Case Study

From CSI to a Top 5 School: Erwin Middle, a Jefferson County Success Story


Unlocking a middle school’s true potential starts with the pivotal role of leadership to empower staff, community, and students.


Erwin Middle School went from being a Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) school in the bottom 5% of the county to becoming one of the top-rated middle schools in the district, thanks to the dedicated leadership of Principal Dr. Angela Bush and collaboration with Studer Education. A focus on tackling chronic absenteeism, improving student grades, and fostering community engagement brought significant positive change to the school.

A School Improvement Toolkit is included with the case study. You’ll have access to some of the tools used by the Erwin Middle School team, including:

  • District and School Scorecard Examples and Templates
  • Leader Action Plan Template
  • Leader Huddle Agenda
  • Plus/Delta Action Guide
  • Leader Rounding Worksheet


Download the case study


Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Align Behaviors with Goals and Values


Elevating School Performance: Erwin Middle’s Transformation Story


In episode 312, Dr. Angela Bush shares how she employs scorecards to close the achievement gap, enhance team alignment and accountability, forge robust relationships within the community, and elevate engagement through reward and recognition.


Listen now

 30 min


Leading School Improvement

How to Lead a School Out of Low Performance: A Principal’s Success Story


From the 2023 What’s Right in Education stage


At Studer Education’s recent What’s Right in Education leadership conference, Dr. Angela Bush shared this inspiring tale of school transformation, highlighting the significant improvements in student attendance and academic achievement.

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