Excellence Weekly: Team Huddles • Tools to Monitor Progress and Connect Employees to Results

Start your week with inspiring stories of effective leadership, communication strategies, and continuous improvement.


  1. Communicate results and enhance clarity, alignment, and execution among your leaders.
  2. Superintendent Dr. Christi Barrett shares how she uses daily huddles for effective leadership development, student safety strategies, community opportunities, and improvement initiatives.
  3. Discover how seasoned teams use huddles effectively during challenging times with insights from Dr. Pat Greco.


Monitor Progress and Connect Employees to Results


Provide consistent communication on results.


Leaders who hold daily huddles and have regular rounding conversations with employees see immediate benefits. These check-ins provide consistent and intentional connections. Learn how these simple but effective practices provide clarity, ensure alignment, and drive execution.


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Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Continuous Improvement Through Leadership


Exploring effective leadership strategies and daily huddles for ongoing excellence in education.


In this episode, Dr. Janet Pilcher interviews Superintendent Dr. Christi Barrett from Hemet Unified School District (USD) in California. They delve into the topics of leadership development, student safety, community opportunities, and improvement initiatives. Discover the tactics employed by Dr. Barrett, including daily leader huddles, used for successful outcomes at Hemet USD.


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Scaffolding Communication


Successful teams use huddles during difficult or critical times to communicate consistently and execute actions.


In Chapter 8 of the Hardwiring Excellence in Education book club, Dr. Pat Greco highlighted three stories of organizations enhancing communication in difficult situations. She shared stories of success where teams prioritized two-way communication loops. One notable example involved a district reducing student aggression by 60% in around 40 days after employing daily huddles.

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