Excellence Weekly: Use Authentic Feedback to Improve Culture and Performance

Start the week with inspiring stories of leaders dedicated to channeling feedback into actionable strategies that yield positive results.


  1. Gain insights and techniques on delivering authentic and constructive feedback with the newest episode of the Accelerate Your Performance podcast.
  2. Discover how a school district leadership team restored trust, transformed organizational mindset, and leveraged feedback to enhance both culture and performance.
  3. Download our leadership toolkit to transform feedback into actionable strategies, including an effective “roll-out” of results.


Accelerate Your Performance Podcast

Master the Art of Feedback


Explore feedback’s crucial in organizational success.


Leader Coach Dr. KK Owen joins Dr. Janet Pilcher on the podcast today to discuss strategies for delivering genuine, timely, and specific feedback. Listen as she shares the concept of building an emotional bank account and tactics for fostering relationships and impacting organizational culture.

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 32 min


Foster Confidence with Constructive Feedback


Strategies for providing feedback to your employees.


Dr. Janet Pilcher highlights the transformative impact of positive feedback, emphasizing how it can build confidence, reduce anxiety, and improve results. She also explores the shift from evaluation to recognition for high-performance outcomes.

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 10 min


Tune in next Monday, February 5, to the podcast for part three to hear Jon Malone, Regional Director and Chief Executive of the Northwestern Illinois Association, share how he uses Studer Education-taught tools and decision-impact conversations to conduct performance reviews and give constructive feedback to his employees.

Case Study

Improving Culture and Performance Through Feedback


Dr. Heidi Eliopoulos and her team brought trust back to the system and shifted the organizational mindset to get impressive results.


The Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District leadership team approached the district’s ailing culture with urgency to develop a healthy environment for students and all stakeholders. The team began by requesting, receiving, and responding to feedback to build trust with disillusioned employees. Through their partnership with Studer Education, leaders increased trust among staff and developed their mindset to accept and use honest, actionable feedback for improvement.

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Leadership Toolkit

Transform Feedback into Action: Engage Stakeholders by “Rolling Out” Results


“The better we communicate the results, the greater the opportunity we have to create a team approach to problem-solving.”


This toolkit provides direction on the crucial post-survey rollout process:

    • Prepare for the Rollout
    • Host Rollout Meeting
    • Take Action and Communicate

Download to have the tools for a potent mix of tactics for continuous transformation.

Download the toolkit


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Group of colleagues smiling and receiving constructive feedback from a leader.