Keeping Score: What Can We Learn from Using Our Scorecards and Short Improvement Cycles?

We need to know our goal/intended outcome. If we don’t have a clear target, we won’t know if we’ve been successful.

– Crista Carlile

When we want to accomplish something as a team, what do we need to know to be successful? What are the best metrics to track progress and make improvements? In this roundtableDr. Janet Pilcher shared tools and tactics for short cycle improvement and scorecard alignment.

In the discussion groups, Janet challenged education leaders to think about current measures that matter based off of the scorecard pillars:

  • What are some of your current student success measures that matter?

  • How do you use a short-cycle process to track your measures that matter?

  • What one thing can you improve to apply a short-cycle improvement process to track measures that matter?


Roundtable Resources

Disciplined Quarterly Cadence

What are 3-4 priorities that will help your organization drive to outcomes? What is your current process for defining quarterly outcomes aligned to annual goals?

Celebrate Wins that Matter

Small demonstrations of progress toward big organizational or individual goals are the wins that matter and should be celebrated. When we are thoughtful about celebrating progress that connects to the core business, we validate the actions of our team members.

Leadership Short Cycles

Short cycle planning involves an intentional review of progress toward annual goals every 45, 60, or 90 days. During this process, data aligned to annual goals are reviewed to determine progress. This also provides opportunity to progress monitor the execution of the strategies to achieve the goal.

The Toolkit


Return to Learn: Organizational Excellence Execution and Improvement

The practices and tools in this toolkit provide a framework for deploying a process that aligns measures, actions, input, results and conversations to help the team stay focused on serving students and their families well and providing them with an excellent education.

Future Roundtable Sessions

Each week, our coaches lead a discussion with a community of leaders who are facing similar challenges. These 60-minute sessions are free and allow opportunities to learn from expert leadership coaches and have candid conversations with other leaders about barriers, share successful practices, and re-center on what works.

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