Leading when there are no easy choices.

Some leaders may find themselves agonizing over decisions that will impact students, families, and communities this fall. This is a time where there are no easy decisions. Yet, when we collaborate with others, we can help ease the weight and also discover victories worth celebrating. In this episode, Dr. Tim Dilg, Superintendent of Valley Park School District in Missouri, shares how the district is accomplishing more by working together and stimulating positive thoughts and workplace culture.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can we initiate conversations with team members that convey empathy?
  • What are some ways we can use technology to cope with the stresses brought on by COVID-19?
  • What is a key ingredient for implementing a strategic vision that inspires and aligns individuals across an organization?

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Listen Intently

Have you noticed lately that getting another person's undivided attention can be rather difficult? Between daily demands and technology at our fingertips, it can seem quite rare for someone to look you in the eyes and pay careful attention to what you're saying. To meet 5 critical employee needs, effective listening is imperative.

Reward & Recognize

People Want to Feel Valued Humans are emotional beings, we like to hear what we are good at, that we're appreciated, valued, and our contributions are making a difference. Taking the time to recognize a job well done and to connect an employee's performance with the organization's goals, gives people a deeper sense of purpose for their work. When employees connect to the purpose of what they do, they have greater pride and ownership in their work, and therefore perform at a higher level.

Tips for Effective Listening with Teams

When we gather in groups or for workplace meetings, it can be more difficult to focus on listening than it is during one-on-one conversations. There are more distractions in a group setting and possibly more voices to focus on. Use the following tips to strengthen your group listening skills.

Celebrate Wins that Matter

New Year’s resolutionists, the people who flood gyms around the nation each January, are serious about their goal of getting fit or losing weight. According to fitness experts, the crowds begin to die down in February. Why do those who resolved to make this the year for change end up changing their minds? The goal was big and small steps of progress were ignored. Similar to resolutionists, organizations tend to set large goals that might even take years to achieve.



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