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2020 has been a psychologically challenging year for leaders and employees across all organizations. At the same time, disruption can be our greatest innovator, and we’ve all learned important lessons from this year that will stick with us. In this episode, Ocean Springs School District Superintendent, Dr. Bonita Coleman and Janet discuss balancing the burden of keeping people safe with the responsibility for student achievement.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How does communicating transparently better support employees, students, and families?
  • What is key for leaders to be successful in this environment?
  • How can leaders handle disruptive situations more thoughtfully?

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n organization that values transparency knows it's more than just reporting financial information to investors. Transparency is the open, honest, flow of information from an organization to all its stakeholders, both employees and the external community. When transparency is done correctly, employee engagement increases and it's more likely customers will be loyal to your brand, and associate a higher value to your products.

Create Resilient Leaders

Resilient teams are more prepared to respond quickly to problems and make better changes when adapting to situations and disruptions. Periods of disruption can feel like a never-ending hallway. Every time one problem is solved there is another awaiting attention. To establish a culture of resilience, leaders model resilient behaviors, use the language of resiliency, and inspire teams to keep moving forward.

Huddle for Critical Outcomes

When teams are experiencing immense change or periods of disruption, leaders can bring attention to the priorities by creating routine team huddles to test ideas, monitor progress, and learn as changes are implemented. This structured daily meeting helps to create the consistency people crave during change. The purpose of a daily huddle is to connect, provide updates and actions, and raise awareness to foreseen barriers.

Key Words at Key Times for Resilient Leaders

Resilient leaders know the importance of thoughtful, clear and concise communication. During times of high anxiety or confusion, thoughtfully crafting Key Words at Key Times can help align clear and specific communication. Use this tool to assist you in crafting important communication during disruption or change.

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