How To Lead Teachers To Become Great:

It’s All About Student Learning

A New Book By Studer Group Brings The “Best Practices” From Healthcare to Education … And Students Are The Biggest Winners of All.

Great teachers make great schools. They are the ones who work tirelessly to help students learn, grow and achieve, the ones who make sure parents are satisfied with their children’s learning experience, and the ones who never give up.

But what role do great school and district leaders play? Quite simply, they create the conditions that foster and nourish a school full of great teachers.

As a new leader, or a seasoned one, your mission is to hire only the best teachers you can to support everyone under your directorship to consistently turn in a performance that has a profound impact on students. That’s where this new book comes in. How To Lead Teachers to Become Great, by Janet Pilcher and Robin Largue, helps education leaders create great places for teachers to teach, students to learn, and places for parents to send their children. The book is structured around five Evidence-Based Classroom Learning Principles-and 14 Tactics that fall underneath them-which result in improved learning results, improved parental satisfaction and improved teacher performance. It will:

  • Help school leaders recruit and retain highly effective teachers
  • Provide techniques for dealing with low performing teachers
  • Help leaders create a results-driven culture
  • Guide teachers on what they can expect from leaders
  • Focus teachers on what students are learning rather than what they, themselves, are teaching
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