through Evidence-Based LeadershipSM

Most educators know the importance of setting goals, measuring progress, and taking strategic actions to improve student achievement. As education leaders, we recognize a variety of district and school conditions contribute to student learning outcomes. Getting great system-wide results in student achievement requires the same disciplined focus in each of these areas. At Studer Education, we help districts set and organize priority goals aligned to five pillars. We then coach district leaders to use proven strategies for getting results in each pillar — with a central focus on improving student achievement.

The central pillar towards which all others must contribute is the Student Achievement Pillar. Our work with partners has taught us that most educators are indeed focused on student achievement. However, paradigms begin shifting and student achievement results accelerate when education leaders fixate less on simply reviewing student achievement scores with hopes they will improve, and begin to focus energy and attention on those factors known to positively contribute to improved student performance. If that sounds strange, consider making a list of the number of successful businesses that made their money by focusing solely on making money. Profits are the lifeblood of a healthy business, but revenue comes from making great products and providing outstanding service through innovative and engaged employees — not from a focus on money itself. Likewise, improving student achievement isn’t a strategy. It is a goal.

At Studer Education, we help district, department, and school leaders implement research-based strategies that get results in student achievement by focusing on the critical prerequisite pieces that must be in place for success:

  • Engaging and motivating employees to do great work.
  • Empowering employees with training and strategies to provide great service to all stakeholders.
  • Organizing central office departments and employees around providing quality support to schools and stakeholders that is centered on improving the instructional program.
  • Aligning and evaluating financial expenditures based on their impact on instruction and student achievement.

The Five Pillars with Student Achievement at the Core

Pillars – Student Achievement

Improving student achievement is the centerpiece of the work we do with partners. More significantly, our coaches are focused on helping district leaders achieve results that last. Lasting results do not come from a program in a box. Sustained results come from implementing research-based leadership actions that are proven to improve outcomes, and integrating those effective practices into daily routines. Studer Education’s Evidence-Based LeadershipSM model is a continuous improvement framework of research-based practices that help school districts create cultures of excellence where students and staff achieve outstanding results. Our approach is to engage with school boards, superintendents, and school and department leaders to provide coaching and support through this transformational goal-and-action-alignment process. We work with districts to:

  • align system goals by pillar,
  • provide training on strategic actions to achieve goals, and
  • hardwire the effective practices throughout the organization.

The Evidence-Based Leadership Framework

Student Achievement

We Provide Solutions to improve district operations and increase student achievement:

Continuous Improvement

Take your district from good to great by infusing evidence-based leadership at every level in your organization.

Workforce Engagement

Create best-place-to-work environments throughout your district to increase employee motivation, satisfaction, retention -- and ultimately, effectiveness.

Service Excellence

Develop a best-in-class culture of service that creates school and district pride in parents, students, stakeholders, and the greater community.

Financial Efficiency

Align financial resources with the district's priority goals while determining return-on-investment based on real progress.

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