The Straight A Leadership Assessment is a sixteen-item organizational assessment. This leadership assessment was developed by Quint Studer and is described in detail in his book, Straight A Leadership. The assessment has been used by hundreds of organizations with more than 35,000 leaders completing the assessment, and continues to be the largest data collection process of Studer Group. The assessment was designed based on success factors identified in a research study (Organizational Change Process in High Performing Organizations: In-Depth Case Studies with Health Care Facilities) completed by the Alliance for Health Care Research and the work of John Kotter, A Sense of Urgency.

Using the success factors identified in the study, the Straight A Leadership Assessment is designed to diagnose alignment, readiness for change, fundamentals, self-awareness, consistency, and accountability of an organization based on the perceptions of leader groups within the organization.

The results from the Straight A Leadership Assessment based on the perceptions of a district’s leaders are organized using the six success factors: Alignment; Readiness for Change; Fundamentals; Self-Awareness; Consistency; and Accountability, and may be presented by item and by leader group to show the degree of alignment among leaders. The results provide information for district leaders to analyze and consider to support and enhance continuous systems improvement for their district.

Straight A Leadership Assessment

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