Kathy MylesLeader Coach
Kathy is a leader coach with expertise implementing research and evidence-based implementation. Understanding the collective effort needed, Kathy employs strategies to ensure a positive adult culture aligned to the vision and mission of the organization while collaborating with partners and other stakeholders to strengthen equity in our education systems thereby improving learning outcomes for all learners.


About Kathy

Our willingness to sit together, wrestle with complex ideas, and execute with intentional consistency ensures success for our students and those who serve them.

Prior to joining Studer Education, Kathy served as a statewide coaching coordinator. In this position, Kathy was responsible for providing professional learning and technical assistance to regional, district and school leadership teams. Prior to working at the state level, Kathy worked in K-12 education as a director of teaching, learning and assessment, an elementary school principal, a middle school associate principal and as an adjunct faculty in multiple institutes of higher education.

Across her career, Kathy has:

  • Collaboratively developed a practice profile tool that defines coaching, so it is teachable, learnable, and doable in educational settings.
  • Researched and collectively created Wisconsin’s first draft of the equity model to inform culturally responsive practices for districts and schools.
  • Designed and delivered in-person and on-line training programs for an awarded proposal to recruit and train staff in low-income urban school districts where Wisconsin teacher shortages were most concerning.
  • Facilitated female educational leaders learning across the U.S. to leverage existing leadership capabilities in topics like innovation and change, influence and negotiation, and adaptive leadership.


Successful school results under Kathy’s leadership:

  • Collaborated with principals and teacher leaders to affect horizontal and vertical alignment and articulation of the instructional program.
  • Created and implemented learning walks.
  • Created collaborative structures to increase teacher effectiveness.



  • Continuous Improvement
  • Change Management and Leadership
  • Cultural Change
  • Strategy and Innovation


  • K12 Education


  • M.A., Marian University of Fond Du Lac
  • B.S., University of Wisconsin—Madison

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