A “Time Sensitive” Situation Analysis and Action Plan

A Key Planning Process & Tool

Pat Greco, Ph.D.

We know your team needs extra support right now. Our team is thinking of you, your own families, and the communities you serve. We know the weight of making sound decisions rests with your leaders. Under normal circumstances planning is challenging. When decision making is critical, the processes and tools need to be seamless.

Our commitment is to support you and your leaders with time and resources to make the best decisions possible and help you communicate them deeply to your full team. The Situation Analysis and action plan template may help you during this time.

Why conduct a situation analysis?

Leaders often conduct a SWOT analysis during their annual strategic updates.  This process assesses organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A SWOT analysis is used as an analysis of an organization’s current state when reflection is important but not urgent.

A ‘time sensitive’ Situation Analysis is a process used during critical times.  Key team members assess a situation that is time sensitive. It is a problem-solving process linked to key tools used to assess and then communicate immediate actions.

Who is involved?

A time sensitive situation analysis is conducted by the leaders or team members close enough to the situation to determine impact on the organization. The team members in the process must hold the positional authority to prioritize and deploy the needed resources. Resources typically impact people’s time, money, technology, impact on facility use, and any needed collaboration with other community or state agencies.

An immediate action plan is designed to prioritize immediate risks and the plan is adjusted as the team meets. These meetings may include daily huddles and weekly meetings. This planning process will allow the team to adapt to changing conditions.

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