Angela Bush

What’s Right in Education 2022 | October 27-28, 2022

Angela is the principal of Erwin Middle School in Jefferson County, Alabama where they have strategically focused on improvement to engage leadership in setting goals, progress monitoring and action planning, along with improvement cycles to sustain success for students in the classroom. 
As a principal, Dr. Bush is heavily focused on empowering leaders across all levels of her team and continues to strive to close the academic achievement gap and move students forward.  


"When you value people, you will yield positive results."


At What’s Right in Education, Angela will share the remarkable story of perseverance and process design that helped her middle school move from the bottom rankings in Alabama to a U.S. News top-five Middle School. It’s a message that speaks to the power of leadership and what can happen when schools are in alignment with the continuous improvement efforts of the district. 

watch ANGELA’s SESSION from last year:

In this video, Angela Bush and Blake Frazier showcase the results of their focus on continuous improvement at the site level.

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