EP54: Eight Things Dogs Teach Us

As you get ready to put 2019 to rest and welcome in 2020, Dr. Janet Pilcher reminds you to reflect on the moments of joy, and the moments of sorrow over the last year. It’s during those difficult [...]

EP53: Building Strong Leadership Teams

Executive leaders are the role-models of an organization, responsible for establishing the culture and leading teams to be successful. During this episode, Dr. Natalie Harder, Chancellor of South [...]

When to Push & When to Hold Back

Leading Employees in a Positive Direction Knowing when to push people or the organization forward, and when to hold back while still getting forward movement, is an important part of the art and [...]

EP52: Phases of Individual Change

As individuals strive for growth in their professional and personal lives, there is often a gap between where people are and where they want to be. While individuals are excited for growth and [...]