Discover the right amount of tension to improve and grow.

As individuals strive for growth in their professional and personal lives, there is often a gap between where people are and where they want to be. While individuals are excited for growth and opportunities, this excitement can lead to anxiety and tension. These feelings can cause people to give up and ignore opportunities to grow, or instead for motivation to work through the personal discomfort to their achieve goals. In this episode, Janet discusses how to do this difficult improvement work by focusing on the 4 phases of individual change as we face creative tension.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How can leaders manage their team members through the phases of individual change?
  • How can we turn emotional tension into creative tension?
  • What is the critical learning point for individuals?

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Navigating Career Phases

High performers are accustomed to evolving to meet the demands of environmental changes. Internal and external factors can create the need to immediately pivot an approach or set direction. We are able to better navigate changes that occur over the course of our career when we understand our current position and reach out for support to get us to the next phase.

Change Management vs. Change Leadership

There is a difference between managing change and leading change. Leading change involves anticipation and a willingness to harness the change to move the organization forward. In this video, Dr. JoAnn Sternke tells us her top 3 tips for leading change.

Looking in the Mirror: Could I Be the Problem?

There are times when we might be standing in our own way, or in the way of our team. How could it be? Reflective practice is used by individuals to support personal and professional growth. This process requires us to stop and think about an action, a reaction, a belief, a hypothesis, or knowledge from a variety of angles.



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