Great Leaders Listen

Good leaders make it a priority to hear from their people. However, in most workplaces, people don’t feel heard. According to Gallup data, three out of ten employees in the US agree strongly that [...]

EP139: Are We Energizing Others?

2020 has been the kind of year where we've all felt more stress and anxiety due to continuous change and uncertainty. As we turn our heads to 2021 now is a good time to reflect and self-assess. [...]

Vulnerability and Leadership

In this roundtable, Dr. Janet Pilcher shared tips for vulnerable leaders to create ways to let others in their heads and hearts, especially in difficult situations.

EP11: A Case For Curiosity

Humans are curious beings. Coach your child’s curiosity and open their minds to new learning. In this episode, we talk about 3 ways to help your child tap into their natural curiosity. As a [...]

EP138: Take Off the Armor

"When you shut down vulnerability you shut down opportunity"-- the words of Brene Brown challenge us to get honest with ourselves and self-reflect. What does vulnerable leadership look like? We [...]

Celebrate Your Heroes

Showing your team members you care about them as individuals and value their great work is a powerful way to boost morale and increase employee engagement. Create heroes of those employees going [...]

EP137: Are You A Curious Leader?

Great leaders are curious leaders. Curiosity makes us more aware, opens our minds to new possibilities and solutions, and leads to better communication between people and teams. In this [...]

EP10: Whose Project Is This?

It’s your child’s project. Every parent wants their child to be successful, especially when it comes to big school projects. In this episode, Annie, Kate, and Reggie are back to weigh in on why [...]

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